Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Ice Skating in Brittany

I'm always amazed at how cheap a good afternoons' entertainment is in Brittany. Again, I thought this ice skating rink "Le Blizz" near Rennes was great value for money.

We arrived at 2.pm and were surprised to find the boot hire was also included in the price. Once inside, the rink was not too busy and the children were able to "find their feet" without being in too much danger from the whiz kids There was also a children and toddlers rink with supports and a kind of skating push chair supplied for free.

We had a great afternoon and could stay as long as we wanted. There are lockers inside the rink area for handbags and valuable so we were able to smuggle some water in and a small snack to keep the energy levels up. Water is a must as we all got very thirsty for some reason. There is a bar area accessible from the rink so that you can take a rest, eat and drink before continuing on your new ice skating career or, your bottom.

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