Friday, 14 December 2007

Indoor Playground - Whopi at Cap Malo near Rennes and in St. Brieuc.

Woupi is a great solution when it's raining outside and the children need to get rid of some energy. Cost: 6 euro/hour

Woupi is a Wakey Warehouse type indoor playground for children up to 12 years of age. The best thing about it is that the adults get in for free and there is a seating area (with wi-fi so take your laptop) where you can read or work whilst the children are playing. It has limited opening during the French term times but during school holidays it is open all day.

They also cater for children's birthday parties with special booths set aside, animators and cake.

The Woupi we have been to is at Cap Malo just outside Rennes, Cap malo has a variety of other entertainment facilities such as bowling, golf, karting, indoor football, cinema and restaurants. Almost all age groups can find something to do at Cap Malo. Website: . There are also DIY/Homebase type shops and garden centres at cap malo.

There is also a Woupi in St. Brieuc

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