Saturday, 8 November 2008

DVD or Video Rental in Dinan

We didn't go very far this weekend. It was raining and Ian's children seemed to prefer to hire a film rather than go to the cinema so that's what we did.

There is a "hole in the wall" next door to the Italian Deli (near the station) in Dinan where, once you have fathomed out the procedure you can rent DVDs or Video's. It advertised that the films cost E1.50 / 6hours but I seem to have been charge E4.40. Still, I'm not moaning, it was cheaper than the Cinema and we could choose our own film.

We decided on "The Golden Compass" which is an adaption of the novel "Northern Lights" in the Philip Pullman trilogy "His Dark Materials". The film was beautiful although they did leave out what amounted to chapters in the book. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the film, pancakes and fire blazing.

Ian and are on a bit of a budget drive at the moment because we have booked to take the children to Futuroscope at the end of November. They have a special offer at the moment: 2 nights in a hotel room for four, breakky and free entry to Furturocope for two days only costs 288 euros. Super, so we're going. I can't wait.

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