Monday, 22 September 2008

Brittany's Beaches

This weekend we had real sun for what feels like the first time this summer and we took profit of the lovely weather to enjoy our local beach (La Briantais near Lancieux) with my partner's children.

The coastline here is littered with tiny bays and sandy coves. The best part about the beaches in Brittany is that they have everything, sand, sea, rocks and rockpools, cliffpaths and at our local beach a nature reserve on dunes which has some great little paths and hideaways in it.

Our mission though, was to build two giant sand castles, and we did, here they are. with armies included. We all had great fun and were hungry and exhausted when we got home. After tea we all crashed on the sofa and watched Star Wars. Fab.

Nothing makes you feel better (and nothing is cheaper) than a day at the beach.

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