Thursday, 30 August 2007

Cobac Park near Dinan

Although Cobac Park near Dinan seems expensive at first once you are in there is a massive array of things to do and the children can be amused the whole day long so you do get value for money.
Once inside all the rides are free and the wait relatively short. Because Cobac Park is in a wooded area they have maintained some trees which provide shade during the hot summer months. There is a variety of rides and activities for children of all ages from small merry-go-rounds to tree climbing and quad biking. When the kids are hot and flustered they can cool of in the pool or on the water slide so don't forget to bring swimming gear.
Hint - It is often the case in France that men cannot go into swimming pools in loose fitting shorts so men and boys will need speedo's or similar.
It's worth packing a picnic to save some pennies and you are allowed to picnic inside Cobac Park. You can also go out to the car park to put the picnic back into the car to save carrying bags around all day.
If you don't want to picnic there are plenty of snack and drink places inside Cobac Park..

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